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Curly Hair

Curly is Our Specialty

Seventy-five percent of women have natural curls and waves and do not know how to take care of them. Women fight them, hide them, tie them back, and blow them out. Synergy Salon wants you to embrace your curls! 

Free them, brag about them, and flaunt the attitude that comes with them! 

Are you tired of stylists that don't understand how to work with your naturally curly hair? 

Have you left the salon in tears? Do you always have to go home and restyle your hair after a visit to the salon? 

Would you like to walk out of the salon loving your curls?

How nice would it be to have a stylist that understands how to care for your specific curls in their natural state

 and can teach you how to do the same at home?

Our stylists are trained in the Deva cutting method, as well as other advanced techniques. 

We specialize in all types and textures of naturally curly hair. 

We are committed to finding the best solution for our clients’ curly hair needs through a thorough consultative approach.

  We take the time to understand your hair before jumping right in to the cut.

Embracing your natural curl can be easier than you think. Let us teach you about your natural curly hair 

then we’ll give you the perfect curly hair cut and customize the best regimen for you with our custom curl therapy coaching so you feel and look your best curly self!

You will also get a ton of excellent product knowledge and recommendations based off of your hair goals and preferences.

Our goal is to share our knowledge and experience with our curly clients so they can recreate the salon style at home.  

Changing the World

One Curly Girl

at a Time

All Services Must Arrive Deva Ready!

We need to see how your natural beautiful curls sit before we touch them. Please arrive with dry, clean, detangled, and free to little product tresses to give us the best idea of how each curl falls. Avoid using elastics, headbands, pins, clips for the day, as this can leave an unnatural kink and could effect how it is cut.  Your hair will be cut dry finishing off with all the moisture your hair can handle with our Deva curl setting that will leave you and your curls feeling fabulous!

*Please note that all clients should arrive with dry, styled hair to avoid a detangling or drying fee.


Welcome to a new era of loving and embracing your curls! 

The Deva Cutting technique is a revolutionary method for cutting curly hair. The hair is cut dry, simply because we wear our hair dry not wet. Your Certified Deva Stylist will cut your hair in it's natural form, curl by curl. With the Deva Cut, our stylists sculpt your hair according to your type of curl, with attention to your individual look and style.

1st Curl/Deva Cut at Synergy

This service starts with a in depth and very personalized consultation, to discuss curl struggles and goals, styling routine and desired result. the deva curl cut/shaping will then be put into action followed with a detox cleanse, accompanied by a deep treatment hydrating your curls. You'll also receive an in depth self-curl lesson as well as a product prescription. Please allow two hours from start to finish. 

Curl/Deva Cut and Style

This service is for returning clients and it starts with a dry cut suited to your specific hair type and is finished with a cleanse, conditioner, styling then dried under heat or by diffuser. 

You'll also receive a self-curl lesson review that continues to take you beyond our salon. Please allow 1.5 hours from start to finish

Curl/Deva Cut ReShape

This service is for returning clients within 4 months of their last Curl/Deva Cut. It is a dry cut only without the cleanse/style and is typically for those who’s hair is already feeling hydrated, healthy, and not in need of any major style changes or treatments, and do not have the time for styling and drying. Come in clean, air-dried, and un-altered by hats, hair ties or clips, and we will knock off any dry ends, get your shape back to where it should be, and then let you go. Please allow 30 minutes 

 Curl/Deva Curl Coach 3 step

This service is the best way to discover if you have curly hair, as well as encourages you to embrace your curls and learn the fundamentals of daily care, This is a styling appointment only. You will leave feeling educated and better yet, you will leave knowing and seeing the amazing results of the DevaCurl 3 Step Style. Cleanse, Hydrate and Define! You'll also receive a self-curl lesson that takes you beyond our salon. This is perfect for those girls out there who want to get a feel for curl products and learn some tips and tricks for cleansing and styling curls at home. The appointment is just 45 minutes!

Pintura Highlighting

This award-winning coloring technique from DevaCurl was designed to create gorgeous light-reflecting highlights to curls. This brings the perfect harmony and balance to curls and complements a Deva Cut perfectly. Pricing on this varies greatly and requires consultation.

Curly Hydration Treatment à la carte

This service is a treatment with the intention of revitalizing dry and/or weak curls to the best health that can be expected in a single treatment. We will start by an assessment of where your hair strength and hydration levels are, and proceed with a cleansing, detangling, and deep conditioning treatment based on your specific needs. Once we have gotten your hair to the best place we possibly can at that point in time, we will style and dry you either under heat or by diffuser. Curly hair needs special attention. Our intense moisture remedy is truly heaven in your hair definitely  therapeutic remedy for dry, colour-treated or damaged hair. Undo the damage, tame the frizz, and rediscover beautiful, bouncy curls!

Bounce Back Treatment

This service is for wavy, curly or super curly hair that is feeling weighed down, dull and undefined as a result of product buildup, hard water or environmental stressors, this rejuvenating deep cleansing treatment will bring all curl types back to life. This powerful cleanser uses micellar technology to gently remove buildup from the hair and scalp without stripping away essential moisture. This deep cleanse is followed with a nourishing conditioning treatment and styling session. Use in place of your daily cleanser to put the bounce back into your curls.


New Clients please book for 1st time Deva Cut at Synergy

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a Deva Cut so special?

Traditional hair cutting techniques were created for straight hair. The Deva cutting technique by DevaCurl is a revolutionary method for cutting curls, waves, and natural textures. Deva Cuts are customized to enhance your unique curl pattern. The Deva Cut technique requires advanced training. Stylists are taught to work curl-by-curl, while dry (as it is worn). This technique allows the stylist to see the hair in its natural form and allows them to sculpt the hair to your lifestyle, personality and preferences. Your hair will be easier to maintain and style and you will finally love your curls.

Is a Deva Cut right for me?

A Deva Cut is designed to make the most of your unique curls. If you wear your hair curly or wavy, you’ll love a Deva Cut. Your hair will look healthier, will be easier to style, and will hold your style better in the Florida humidity. The cut will not, however, be perfect when your hair is worn straight. If you want the option to wear your hair both curly and straight, the Deva Cut may not be your best option.

How do I prepare for a Deva Cut?

Your stylist will use the Deva Cut dry-cutting technique. Please arrive at the salon with your curls clean, detangled and dry, in their natural state. Prior to your appointment, it’s best to let your hair hang loosely. Avoid ponytails, clips, and hats.

What should I expect from a DevaCut?

After a thorough consultation with your stylist about your curl goals, your curls will be cut dry and sculpted curl-by-curl to see how your texture falls. After the cut, you will receive a DevaCurl Transformation Service that includes abotanical-infused cleansing

and conditioning of your curls and a styling and coaching session to help you care for your curls at home. 

The amount of time the service takes will vary depending on your curl type, length, texture and density. (approx 2hrs)

** Prices may vary according to the service provider's experience

What is Pintura Hair Coloring?

DevaCurl’s trademarked Pintura hair coloring technique is based on the French hair painting technique known as balayage. Pintura color is great on curly hair to add dimension to any curly girl. Whether it is gray blending, highlights and blonding, or depth and dimension, all fit into the Deva Curl Pintura hair painting technique. The look can be soft or bold, whatever is your personal flavor. Of course, to better serve you, we at Synergy Salon are well trained in all of today’s modern hair color techniques so you are not just limited to the tradition Pintura technique, we will your hair color based on your lifestyle, personality, and fashion.

How do I take care of my new DevaCurls after my Deva Cut?

Your salon service includes a curl coaching session and a personalized product prescription that will help hydrate your curls and make it easier to maintain your new style at home.  Each client is given a detailed lesson in the salon on how to take care of their hair at home and in between services. We all share the same passion for promoting natural hair care and educating our clients on the importance of loving your curls.

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