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Our stylists are grouped depending on their level of practice, education and technical ability. 

*** If you are unsure of your services do not book online, please give us a call to talk through your options.*** 

We encourage you to arrive promptly for your appointment to ensure full treatment time. 

We recommend scheduling regular services prior to leaving to insure your first preferences of time and date. 

Prices listed below are at starting price 

updated January 3 2023



                                  Junior       Lead

                                  Stylist       Stylist

Ladie​s Cut & Style     $55         $60

Mens Cut                     $33         $37

Buzz Cut                      $25         $25

Kids Cut (under 12)    $30          $35

Kids Creative Cut        $40         $45

Girls Student (14-18)  $45          $50


                               Level 1       Level 2

                                  Stylist       Stylist

1st Signature

 Curly Dry Cut

(at Synergy)                 $110         $130

Signature Curly Cut     $90         $105

(returning clients)

Curly Cut Reshape      $65         $80

(No wash returning client within 3months)

Curly Kids Cut            $70         $85

Curly Kids Cut            

Express (10 & under) $50          $65

Curl Coach 3 Step       $75         $95


Curly Hydration           $35        $35

Treatment (add on)

Bounce Back

Treatment                    $70         $70  



                                  Junior      Lead

                                  Stylist       Stylist

Ladie​s Wash & Style     $40         $40

Glamour Curls/

Straightening                  $40         $45

(no Wash)

Braids ( no wash)           $20         $25

UpDo (No Wash)           $70         $90

Bridal Updo 

(no wash)                      N/A        $105

Bridal Package           CALL      CALL

Perms                            $100        $110

Guy Perms                    $65         $75

(just top)



Extensions                              CALL

Smoothing Treatment              $300

De Frizz Treatment                  $100

Hair Tinsel (10)                        $20

These are thin strands of sparkly tinsel that add a subtle shimmer to any curl. Available in a variety of colors and lengths.


(by Appointment Only) 

Application                       $90+


                                  Junior       Lead

                                  Stylist       Stylist

Color Re-touch             $82         $90

Full Color

 (1 color)                       $102         $110

Nectaya Re-Touch          $90       $98

(Ammonia Free)

Nectaya Full Color          $110     $118

(Ammonia Free)

Fashion Color (add on)    $40+     $40+

(1 color)

Mens Gray Blending        $35       $35

Color Correction            Quote     Quote


                                  Junior       Lead

                                  Stylist       Stylist

Partial                           $110+         $130+

Full Highlights               $135+       $155+

Runway/Peek a boo       $90          $105+

Bleach & Tone              $130 +     $140 +

Balayage                        $200+      $250+

Ombre / Colormelt         $100+      $100+


       Wash & Finish must also be booked         

Blondme Hydration                 $25

Olaplex                                     $35

K18                                           $32

Scalp Detox                              $25

Hair & Scalp Detox                 $40


Tone (Double Process)            $30      

Shine / Gloss                           $30

Hot Towel Treatment     Complimentary

Synergy Salon Policy

All prices are subject to change depending on hair texture, length, stylist level and creative process.

All color correction services and extension services require a consultation before booking.


We respect your time and appreciate your choice to spend it in our salon. 

All appointments must be confirmed 48 hours prior to the appointment. 

If you fail to give us a 48 hour notice to cancel your appointment, you will be required a 50% deposit on your future appointment. 

This includes new and existing clients. Certain exclusions may apply.

For services 3 hours or longer, we will require a NON REFUNDABLE 50% deposit.

Any no-show clients will be asked to pre-pay for future appointments if they hope to return to the salon.

We have made these changes to better serve clients, as no-show and unconfirmed appointments affect both the stylists and other clients.

Kids are welcome only for scheduled appointments. Please don't bring kids unless they are getting their hair done. 

We want to make sure we provide the ultimate relaxed environment

Guarantee — Our services are guaranteed for one week. We do not offer refunds for services.

In consideration of other clients, please turn cell phone ringers to a lower volume or vibrate.


Typically, arriving 15 minutes past your appointment is too late. 

Keep in mind if you are running late, it causes the salon to run behind schedule for the rest of the day.

If you are running 15 minutes late, please give the salon a courtesy call. Depending on how late you are, rescheduling may be an option.

If you are running 30 minutes late, it will be very hard to achieve your desired end result. It will be best to reschedule your appointment for a later date. A long delay makes things worse for each customer who follows, and that’s unfair to clients who arrive on time.

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